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We hereby inform you, the users of this website and our customers, how the Esther Jordi Trophy (hereinafter referred to as EJT) deals with the collection, transfer, storage and privacy of personal data. This statement applies to the website: www.esther-jordi-trophy.com and also to data collected online or offline. Certain areas of this website are only usable if you provide your data. You are free to use these offers or not.
You have the possibility to unsubscribe from all publications at any time. Send an e-mail to:
Enter "Delete data" in the subject line.
Basically, we only inform companies and individuals who expressly request this.

# 1 Data Responsibility
EJT collects and processes collected data as the responsible authority. If you provide us with your data, you give us permission to use this data with commercially available tools such as CRM and email marketing software. Our data manager is Josef Rothenfluh.
For questions and suggestions Josef Rothenfluh is at your disposal:
Gesundheitsclub Schweiz
PO Box 337
CH-2543 Lengnau
+41 79 695 65 35

 # 2 personal data
By personal data we mean information that serves to identify a specific person (hereinafter referred to as customer). EJT is also entitled to use other sources for this identification. No information or data is purchased.

# 3 data usage
We use the data exclusively for the information of our customers, improvement of our offers, improvement of the usability of our website (s).
The following data is recorded:
Visit from www.esther-jordi-trophy.com:
IP address, browser type, internet provider, operating system, use of this website, duration of visit to this website, location data.
Find out from your provider how they can block which data for use.
Data collection Web forms:
The data are collected, which are marked as mandatory on the respective forms. If you provide personal information to EJT through this website, you will automatically consent to send you an e-mail informing you about EJT and inviting you to subscribe to the newsletter, which you can unsubscribe at any time. This does not include subscribing to our newsletter itself.
EYT assumes that we are given this information voluntarily and that this Privacy Policy has been read and accepted.

# 4 analysis tools
EJT uses commercially available analysis tools and collects data to improve the use of the website and its own services. For details, see # 3.

# 5 Data usage by third parties
No data will be sold to third parties. The use of third parties is limited to the fulfillment of the respective orders.

# 6 Newsletter
The electronic newsletter will be sent out infrequently if EJT finds that your subscribers need to be informed about topics. The newsletter can be unsubscribed at any time. There are corresponding links to the respective tool. Anyone who leaves the newsletter distribution list will be completely deleted from the EJT database.

# 7 Duration of data storage
EJT stores personal data as long as it is necessary from the point of view of EJT or the customer deletes the data himself by unsubscribing from the customer database or a deletion requires this e-mail: BG5rd2FiKnZrcGxhamJocWxEY2F3cWpgbGFtcHdnaHFmKmds@nospam. The customer can request information at any time which data is stored by him where.

# 8 Security
EJT uses commercially available or EJT-specific tools for data handling. As a result, EJT assumes that the usual safety standards are taken into account. EJT disclaims any responsibility if data is used by self-debt of the respective operator abuse. It is the subject of this privacy policy that the customer is aware that there is no 100% security.

# 9 Consent
Anyone who requires data that is mandatory or voluntarily submits to EJT automatically gives their consent to this privacy policy. He agrees that his data, as described here, may be used, stored and shared.

# 10 Customer Rights
The customer can request information at any time, which data is collected and how it is used. He has the right to demand the deletion of his data. The correspondence will not lead to any correspondence except the ones that automatically use the tools used.

# 11 Right of withdrawal
The customer may revoke his consent to the use of his data verbally or in writing, analogously or electronically at any time. EJT excludes all liability if the deletion of the data limits services or can no longer be provided.

# 12 Modification of this Privacy Policy
EJT may change this Privacy Policy at any time. This statement will only be published on this page. It is considered a database. EJT does not conduct any correspondence about the change, but assumes that the customer occasionally consults this page. Nevertheless, EJT reserves the right to publish important changes by email.

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